45249_101021746623649_6309158_nWelcome to my website! I am currently Assistant Professor in Models and Methods for Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (Psychological Methods group). My main interest concerns the development of conceptual and statistical models for the development and maintenance of psychiatric disorders such as major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I specifically focus on network models and complex dynamical systems. From a network perspective, disorders develop because of prolonged direct interactions between symptoms. For example, insomnia causes fatigue, which, in turn, causes concentration problems and loss of interest; eventually resulting in a depressive episode. This conceptualization of disorders flies in the face of existing perspectives in which a depressive episode is a disease that Рfor example analogous to a lung tumor Рcauses its symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue.

Other interests include measurement invariance, item response theory (IRT), structural equation modeling (SEM), theories of measurement and solutions to the multiple comparisons problem.

If you have suggestions, comments and/or questions, you can e-mail me at angecramer(at)gmail(dot)com

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